Weaving a brighter future

We seek to provide refugee women a means to create income for themselves while congruently preserving precious manuscripts of the world’s ancient wisdom traditions


About us

We will create a world where refugees are a thing of the past, where women everywhere will be respected and welcomed. There are thousands of sacred texts which are stored throughout the world with improper care and preservation. We want to make sure they are preserved for future generations. So we are working with Asian Classics Input Project to sew book covers for these ancient texts. We also wanted to work with the refugees who were being displaced along the Silk Road. 

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Our Partners

We began working with organizations that empower women refugees to employ them to sew our book covers. 


One light Global

Empowering women refugee in Istanbul, Turkey and Phoenix, Arizona. Partnering with One Light Global and founder Zöe Wild to empower Syrian women refugees to sew our book covers.A center has already been created in Istanbul with 8 new sewing machines to begin sewing in 2017.


Das Macht Schule

Working with school children and refugees in Germany. Partnering with Das Macht Schule and founders Bernd and Dörte Gebert, working with 1,000 schools in Germany. We will launch a program in 2017 enabling students to work with refugees to sew our book covers and receive sewing certifications in order to legally work in Germany.


sughar foundation

In 2015, we collaborated with SUGHAR Foundation and created 900 book covers by tribal women in Pakistan. Most of these book covers were hand delivered last December to the National Library of St. Petersburg.

seeds for peace

Seeds for Peace is an NGO with a mission to promote women's, rights especially those of migrants and refugee women. They provide work programs for women refugees and help women refugees transition into new living situations. 

the chai spot

The Chai Spot provided opportunities to women in Pakistan through the SUGHAR Foundation. We began collaborating with founders Khalida Brohi and David Barron in September 2015 to sew our first order of nine-hundred book covers.